• It has all the functions you would think of to manage your Clinic/ Nursing Home/ Hospital.
  • IPD, OPD, Vitals Monito, Billing, Medicines, Lab, Reporting, Appointments
  • Auto-backups, Custom Currency, Doctors Manager are all at one place!

Patient Records

Save complete Details of the admitted patients, Guardians and their Docs.


Add Details of all prescriptions/ Treatments /Services /Lab tests done in your Hospital.


No need for long calculations to calculate medical bills, Just available a click away now.. Fully automated!!.

Hospital Management

Manage Details of all the parts of the Hospital

Ready Reports

Get a Report for every operation Just a click away!

Inpatient Reports

Patient Admission, Discharge, Treatments, Expenses Everything...

Outpatient Reports

Medicines prescribed, Treatment given, Visit Records, Revenue and what not.. All at one place, anytime

Hospital Info

Rooms, Wards, Departments, Medicines, Lab tests, Treatments, Doctors etc etc.


Monitor exact revnues and bills, patientwise, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly or just as your heart says!! And You need not use your brain for any of it

Custom Reports

With all your clinic info and endless details

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